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More training and education at NMEMC!

Learn ways to offset and mitigate impacts — from mitigation and conservation banking, In Lieu Fee, permittee responsible, outcome-based approaches, and other solutions for restoring and protecting our natural assets.

Understand the “how’s”, “why’s”, rewards and challenges for the provider of mitigation and offsets and other solutions, the regulator, the consumer/client, and the investor.

More on carbon, water quality and quantity at NMEMC 2024!

Are you a Corporate, Government, or Municipal Consumer/Client? A worthy investment for all industry and government sectors who are looking for solutions. Gain a better understanding of the right option for you by learning about different approaches, their benefits, and challenges.

A Mitigation Banker or Offset provider? Learn the basics to the very advanced on the how-to’s of mitigation and conservation banking, ILFs, water quality trading, carbon offsets and emerging approaches.

A Regulator? Learn how regulators throughout the U.S. and different sectors are managing the permitting process, what consumers/clients want, how providers are working to meet the needs of both the regulatory community and the clients/consumers. Gain a better understanding of their successes and challenges.

An Investor? Gain a better understanding of the risks and opportunities and expected ROI, engage in dialogue for increasing investment, and explore investment opportunities at Invest Connect by Bank Tank®.

A Local, state agency? A tremendous resource for understanding your options, the challenges and benefits, and engaging with other agencies.

A Tribal Nation, Indigenous Peoples community? Explore the options for how you can bring economic and social benefit to your community and more. We invite you to engage in the dialogue as this community explores how it can support your specific wants and needed. Scholarships are available!

Education credits offered — Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), PDH, SER credits, and Continuing Legal Credits (CLEs) for attorneys (CLEs). Learn more about continuing education credits here.

This is the 27th National Mitigation & Environmental Markets Conference™ (formerly the Mitigation Banking Conference). JT&A hosts the conference, working with a diverse Steering Committee and Regional Advisory Committee. For more on the facilitators and instructors, please see the detailed Agenda.

NMEMC 2024

April 29–May 2, 2024
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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