Suzanne Anderson, PhD, PWS

Mitigation Program Coordinator
Seattle District
U.S. Army Corps of Engineer
Seattle, Washington

Suzanne is the Mitigation Program Coordinator for the Regulatory Branch of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District. She is the Chair or Co-chair of all Interagency Review Teams for Wetland Mitigation and Conservation Banks and In-lieu-fee Programs in the Seattle District. Additional duties include coordination of Seattle District’s Mitigation Program with Office of Counsel, other team leads, and project managers to ensure consistency with the Federal Rule on Compensatory Mitigation (2008); Mitigation Bank and ILF Program review, coordination, documentation, data entry, compliance, enforcement, tracking, and field inspections; template development and implementation; and training and assisting Regulatory staff on all things related to mitigation and wetland delineation. In addition, Suzanne also participates in and/or leads compensatory mitigation training and wetland delineation training for other federal, state and local entities, as well as consultants. Outside of the Corps, Suzanne is an instructor for the Wetland Restoration portion of the University of Washington’s Wetland Science and Management Certificate Program. Prior to joining the Corps, she was in academia (PhD in Plant Physiology) and consulting (Professional Wetland Scientist) where her emphasis was on designing, implementing, and monitoring successful restoration and mitigation plans for freshwater and estuarine wetlands, riparian corridors, and upland buffers.