Sheri Lewin

Environmental Resource Marketing
Clermont, FL

Sheri Lewin is the Founder and President of Environmental Resource Marketing (ERM). Ms. Lewin has provided consulting services to the mitigation banking industry since 1996. Her firm, ERM, provides market research, strategic planning, and sales services to the natural system trading industry and its investors throughout the U.S. Based on 20 years of sales and research experience in wetland and conservation banking, ERM’s customized methodology of analyzing markets to provide a detailed and reliable picture of opportunities and threats is utilized by investors, lenders and bank sponsors throughout the U.S.

Sheri is a native Floridian with a Bachelors and Masters Degree from the University of Florida. Sheri served 10 years on the Board of the National Mitigation Banking Association and is a Past President of the organization. Ms. Lewin is also a founding member and Past President of the Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers, served on the State Board of Directors of Florida Audubon and is a former Board member of the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals. In her free time, Sheri enjoys yoga, reading, nurturing her nonprofit project Thrive Clermont, and watching her kids compete in their respective sports.