Scholarships & Education Credits

Thanks to the generous help of our supporters, we are pleased to offer two scholarship options to attend NMEBC 2018. You can join this effort by becoming a “Title Supporter” or “Friend.”

The General Fund and the Judith F. Taggart Founder’s Scholarship
Apply for one or both.

General Scholarship Fund

Established many years ago by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and The Conservation Fund, our Supporters join them each year to continue this important effort.

Full and partial scholarships are available with priority given to state and tribal entities, but also open to nonprofits and academia who are unable to cover their costs of participation. The Fund typically provides for the registration fee. If looking for additional assistance, please be specific with your needs.

Scholarship applications will be asked to provide the following: name and title & organization, address and phone number; your objective(s) for attending the conference; and specific funding needs. Recommend you submit by January 25, 2018, but scholarships will be considered as they are received should funds remain available.

Judith Ferrell Taggart Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by (become a sponsor)
The Judith Ferrell Taggart Memorial Scholarship Award was created in honor of the founder of the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference and in recognition of Judy’s contributions to the protection of our natural resources over many years of service in the environmental community.

The JFT Fund will provide for up to two scholarships – journalist, government, private sector or student. This award recognizes contributions to the overall field of habitat mitigation and conservation. Recipients should demonstrate the ability to collaborate with government and private sector in natural resources to promote environmental conservation (could be journalism, communications, environmental scientist, outreach, regulatory, etc.).

JFT Scholarship applications will be asked to provide the following: name and title & organization, address and phone number, your objective(s) for attending the conference; collaboration across government and private sector, and what funding is needed. Recommend you submit by January 25, 2018, but scholarships will be considered as they are received.

Education Credits

NMEBC offers basic continuing education credits, continuing legal credits and forestry credits.

Check your confirmation email to confirm if you have requested CLE or CEU credit and the status of CLEs. If not, please modify your registration (or you may add your name to the list at the conference on the bulletin board).


A Certificate of Completion will be provided to each participant upon request and are provided via email following the conference and based on registration record.

Wednesday – Friday Conference Sessions (total of 12 CEUs possible)
Plenary Sessions – (4 Plenary Sessions can receive credit; 1.5 CEU each = 6 CEUs)
6 of 18 Concurrent Sessions (18 concurrent sessions; 6 are possible)

Optional Add-ons – up to 11.5 additional CEU credits available
FIELD TRIPS (Tues or Fri) (3 CEUs)
Tuesday, May 8 Workshops:
Conservation Finance Workshop or 101 ILF Basics (3)
Basics of Banking (4) or Advanced ILF Workshop (2)
RIBITS Workshop (1.5) or Landowners Workshop (1.5) or Sales & Marketing (1.5)
Advanced Stream Banking Workshop (2) or Advanced Conservation Banking Workshop (2)
PRM vs ILF vs Mitigation Banking (1.5)


Check Bulletin Board by Registration Desk

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided when requested by attendee. NMEBC will submit attendance when required by State Bar; otherwise, attendee is responsible for reporting attendance. For a list of states requested for NMEBC 2018 please click here for a list of states requested for NMEBC 2017. Applications for credit are submitted beginning approximately 30 days prior to the event. Any questions, please contact us.

Does NMEBC notify the state of my attendance and credit? When required by a state, we submit attendance; otherwise, the attendee is responsible for submitting the certificate provided by us to the state for credit.


Forestry Credits are provided based on sign-up sheets placed in the back of session rooms. You must sign these sheets to receive credit.


Should you not be able to attend, we provide CEU credit for some of the online program upon request and review of your completion.

There may be a few states who provide CLE credit for certain portions. CLE credit for online the online program is much more restrictive. You may request a certificate of completion for online access credit following the purchase of the online program and completion of the program. You are responsible for requesting credit from your State Bar for any online CLE credit.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. Forest Service
Bureau of Land Management
NOAA Fisheries
U.S. Department of Transportation