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Virtual Presenting Tips!

Internet Connection. If you share your internet with your family, please try to reserve the time for your use only to ensure the highest recording quality. At a minimum, make sure others in your household are not streaming or consuming heavy wifi use as that may slow your connection.

PowerPoint: For those with powerpoint slides – you will be shown how to share your slides from your screen as if you were presenting live. Have them ready to share ***If it is a powerpoint, we recommend saving it as a PDF as a backup for the virtual setting.

Virtual Presence: The visual component will include a view of you as well audio, so please check your webcam on your laptop (or an external one if you have one setup). See video for lighting and camera positioning!

Audio: User computer audio unless absolutely not able (using a phone for audio and computer for video causes the audio to be out of sync). If you have a headset/mic you have been using for virtual meetings, that should work fine. Do NOT use speaker phone.

Background Noise: Mute any email or calendar notifications on your computer; silence your phones; any chiming clocks. Shut off portable air conditioner or purifier units if noisy.

Note: Pre-recordings we are assisting with for the on-demand sessions will include some discussion among panelists as part of the recording; whereas live-stream recordings will not because the discussion will happen live and with the audience. On-demand presentations are provided a scheduled video chat Q&A connect with attendees.

NMEMC 2024

April 29–May 2, 2024
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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