Presenter FAQ

Here are some common questions we receive from speakers and moderators. If we have missed something, or you need additional clarification, please contact us at

TIPS for Speakers

✓   Power Points (not required, but for those using PowerPoint) – use fewer slides with photos and less text to keep the energy of the room up.

✓   Do not read your PowerPoint! Use as a guideline or visual for your presentation.

✓   Make your presentation educational & informational – not a sales or commercial pitch.

✓   Email two to three questions to your moderator you want asked (these questions may serve as a warm-up for the Q&A discussion with the audience).

✓   Stick to time limits provided! Most sessions will use timer clock visible to the presenter.

✓   Make the most of being selected for the program and get the word out by sharing on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You can even add the conference in your signature email.


I completed the tasks in the Speaker Resource Center, so do I still have to register for the conference on the other site?
Yes. In order to ensure you get your preferred sessions, are on the attendee list, and are in the APP, registration is REQUIRED.

Is registration free for all speakers? Does it include optional activities like field trips and workshops?
For those selected to moderate or speak on the program, some are provided either a discounted or complimentary conference registration. For non-government participants, optional workshops and field trips are an additional cost. Please check your acceptance confirmation for your status on registration, and use the code or follow instructions provided to register.

I want to register, but can’t find the discount or comp code?
Please check your acceptance confirmation, email to confirm what your registration rate or comp status is, and use the code provided to register.

What Audio Visual will be provided?
A Power Point Projector, laptop and laser pointer are provided in each session room. If you need an Apple computer adapter for any reason, please let us know in advance. No other equipment or internet connection is provided unless requested well in advance. Please advise immediately if you require additional audio visual to

How much time do I have for my presentation?
General guidance for most traditional style sessions is for presentations to be 10 to 12 minutes in length, with a maximum of 15 minutes. That said, it depends on the format of your session and number of speakers. Many sessions wait for Q&A to follow all presentations with moderated Q&A and discussion; others handle this differently.
Check with your moderator to confirm details of your session. If you cannot reach your moderator, please let us know at

Is a Power Point required?
No, a power point presentation is not required. If you do have a PowerPoint, it is required you provide it to us for uploading online.

What if I have an imbedded video or audio in my Power Point?
We can work with that, but require advanced notice.

Will there be internet for my presentation?
Maybe – to be confirmed. If you require presentation or streamlining quality, please advise immediately and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I bring my power point with me if I don’t have time to load it before the event?
Yes. Try and upload prior to conference, but we know it doesn’t always work as planned. ALL speakers should bring their PowerPoint presentations on thumb drive with them to their session.

Where should I go when I get to the Conference?
All moderators and presenters should check-in at the Conference Registration Desk on the 2nd Floor of the Omni Hotel to ensure you have all you need and/or we have your presentation. ALWAYS bring a backup of your PowerPoint on a thumb drive with you to your session.

What if I changed my power point after I uploaded it?
Before the conference, you can simply go in and delete the existing power point and then upload a new one. After April 25, please notify us of any change to an uploaded power point, and we’ll make the change.

I want to upload a pdf of my power point instead of the power point but it won’t let me.
You can only upload it in Power Point format. The system automatically converts power points to pdf format for the online program, but allows the conference to download it as power point for use during your session.

What is my responsibility as a MODERATOR or CHAIR of a session?
Moderators are responsible for contacting those in your session and coordinating with them well in advance of the Conference to ensure a smooth and cohesive session.

As a MODERATOR, how do I get the contact info and bios for my session participants?
NMEBC will connect moderators with your presenters via email by January.
Moderators may choose to introduce each presenter or you may have them introduce themselves. Either way, you will be provided their bios in advance.
We recommend you ask each presenter to provide a few questions they would like asked of them or the panel, that can serve as a warm-up for the Q&A discussion with the audience as needed.

As a MODERATOR – will I have help in the room with lights and audio visual?
Yes. Each room will have an A/V tech as well as a conference Room Monitor to handle mics for Q&A (recording) and help you as needed.

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