Pamela Fetterman

Owner and Principal Scientist
Sarasota Fla.

In March of 2013, ecoGENESIS, LLC, now a Certified Florida MBE, was created to provide ecological and environmental consulting services, specializing in wetland, endangered species, and habitat restoration services, including private wetland mitigation and conservation banking. Previous to opening her own consultancy, Ms. Fetterman was the E Sciences Sarasota office manager and senior environmental scientist /project manager spearheading and managing large wetland mitigation and restoration projects for a primary private mitigation banking client. Ms. Fetterman has 23 years of experience in the environmental field. She is adept in GIS analysis and modeling techniques, and is currently providing contract management and permitting and technical services for wetland and stream mitigation and conservation banking projects. Ms. Fetterman has broad experience in all aspects of wetland permitting, including wetland functional assessment, wetland delineation, and wetland hydrology, specifically in the use of rapid assessment methods and in the assessment of draw down impacts from ground water pumping. To date, Ms. Fetterman has designed and permitted approximately +3,000 acres of wetland restoration and mitigation sites ranging from 60 to 1,800 acres in the southeastern United States.

Specialties: Mitigation banking, wetland delineation and functional assessment , wetland and karst hydrology and geomorphology, project management and environmental/ecological permitting, GIS analysis and modeling of environmental data, proactive communication and concensus building.