When: Tuesday, May 7 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Where: The Savage Fen

What: The Savage Fen provides a good opportunity to explore a calcareous fen, a unique wetland type characterized by strongly upwelling groundwater, accumulating peat, specific soil and water chemistry, and a distinctive wetland plant community, including several state-listed rare species. Portions of the Savage Fen are incorporated into the Savage Fen Scientific and Natural Area, owned and managed by the Minnesota DNR. Attendees will require knee boots if they want to maintain dry feet, and long pants are recommended. It’s a short walk into the fen community, but there is not a well-defined trail. Located within 0.5 mi. of Savage Fen is Boiling Springs, a high flow artesian spring that is of hydrogeologic interest, supports a trout stream, and has cultural significance to the local Mdewakanton Sioux Native American community. If time allows, the trip can also include viewing a stream restoration project just downstream from the springs. Boiling Springs is a five minute bus ride from Savage Fen, with a short trail leading to the springs. The land is owned by the Minnesota DNR.
Website: https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/snas/detail.html?id=sna00999