Michelle Mattson

Restoration Ecologist/Compensatory Mitigation Specialist
Institute for Water Resources, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Alexandria, VA

Michelle Mattson is a stream and wetland restoration ecologist with over 18 years of experience as an environmental consultant and USACE regulator. She recently joined USACE Institute for Water Resources as a subject matter expert for compensatory mitigation. Michelle has spent her career in the field conducting functional and conditional assessments, designing and installing restoration projects, and working with clients and applicants on the design, implementation, and monitoring of their compensatory mitigation projects and programs. Michelle has worked on two Special Area Managements Plans (SAMPs) and helped to develope a watershed management plan for Otay River, in San Diego, California. At the USACE, Michelle worked across agencies to help develop the first Advanced Permittee-Responsible Compensatory Mitigation Program for San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). As a consultant, she has lead the early development of advanced mitigation programs in alignment with existing and planned habitat conservation plans and new water quality regulations.