About JT&A, inc.

Founded in 1984 by Judith Ferrell Taggart, a former journalist and professor, JT&A has built a reputation for producing clear, cogent and balanced environmental education. Through communication tools JT&A provides quality forums to address environmental issues.

We have evolved from a conference planning and publications production firm to a company that carefully selects and produces its own products and forums. We work closely with numerous constituents throughout the United States and the world.

The National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference (NMEBC) is produced by JT&A in the spring of each year. NMEBC works in cooperation with committee members who are major players in the banking industry, including private bankers and suppliers, federal, local and state agencies and nonprofits.

About JT&A

For over 35 years, JT&A has evolved into successful communication and outreach company that encompasses its own conferences, and communication solutions, including its flagship products – EnviroScape® models and the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference.

JT&A has always been well-known for translating technical and scientific materials into simple terms for the citizen – the lay audience. We were instrumental in developing many programs and materials still in use today – wrote and designed the first educational and outreach materials on nonpoint source pollution for the U.S. EPA; developed American Wetlands Month, including logo and outreach materials, organizing the first few years of American Wetlands Month celebrations; developed and implemented the first National Watershed Conference; and produced materials for Audubon’s America.

Our experience over the many years extends to a national healthcare organization, a Fortune 500 corporate environmental management group, aerospace companies and the U.S. Army, and internationally, and we have recently expanded our services to include media and strategic communications. JT&A continues its focus on providing quality – and frankly, the best – product and services possible to our most important asset – our customers and clients.

While continuing its focus on NMEBC and EnviroScape, JT&A continues to explore and consider select opportunities and partnerships that fit well within our goals. Learn about JT&A.

About EnviroScape®

EnviroScape® is JT&A’s premiere product for communicating environmental issues and educating the citizen audience. From kindergartners through seniors, EnviroScape® is a series of patented models that engage the user by creating a real sense of understanding. Through experience and hands-on demonstration EnviroScape® is used by schools and organizations in all 50 states and internationally. More on EnviroScape® can be found at www.enviroscapes.com.

JT&A is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, convenient to Washington, D.C., Ronald Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport.

NMEMC 2023

May 8–11, 2023
Jacksonville, Florida