About JT&A, inc.

About JT&A

JT&A, inc. connects, convenes, and inspires informed environmental outcomes with economic and public benefit.

We facilitate an environmental and Nature-based Solutions markets initiative that includes the respected and well-known National Mitigation & Environmental Markets Conference (NMEMC) established in 1997 and held annually in the U.S., and the newer Global Environmental Markets and Finance Summit (GEMFS) held annually around the world.

JT&A is also the creator of the EnviroScape® outreach and education model series in use worldwide.

Founded in 1984 by Judith Ferrell Taggart, a former journalist and professor, JT&A has built a reputation for producing clear, cogent, and balanced environmental convening, connecting, education and outreach.

We have evolved from a conference planning and publications production firm to a company that carefully selects and produces its own impactful products, forums, and initiatives in collaboration with advisors offering an important mix of perspectives.

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NMEMC 2024

April 29–May 2, 2024
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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