Jeff Kauttu

Kauttu Valuation
St. Augustine, FL

Braiden’s clients include Fortune 500 companies with business interests in California, including commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial businesses. His representation regularly includes appearances before local, regional, state and federal administrative agencies in connection with use permits and other entitlements. He handles all aspects of environmental compliance under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), land-use permitting and any resulting litigation. His permitting work extends from California’s largest ski resorts, to residential developers, oil gas and energy companies, wineries, agricultural entities, landfills, mitigation/conservation banks, and mining companies.

As one of the state’s most knowledgeable authorities on mitigation/conservation banking, Braiden is consistently on the faculty for legal and industry conferences on cutting-edge banking issues. The key to his success is working closely with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers to entitle mitigation banks throughout California. This work is highly specialized, and includes in-depth title examination, negotiation with landowners, cities, Counties, and State and federal agencies to resolve conflicts with mineral rights, endangered species, jurisdictional waters, traditional land-use laws, and helping create crediting methodologies used by administrative agencies. He understands both the regulatory risks as well as the business interests driving his client’s projects. His professional working relationships with agency staff and counsel, as well as his unparalleled experience in this area of the law, makes Braiden uniquely suited to help his clients get their projects approved quickly and economically.

Braiden is also one of California’s leading experts on the Williamson Act. He was directly involved on behalf of the solar industry to help shape recent legislation modifying the Williamson Act to accommodate solar facilities on non-productive farmland. He also frequently represents multinational oil and mining companies, residential and commercial developers and a variety of landowners on Williamson Act issues, including compatible use determinations, potential litigation, and petitions for cancellation of existing Williamson Act contracts.