Jeff Kauttu

Principal Appraiser
Kauttu Valuation
St. Augustine, FL

Mr. Kauttu is recognized as an authority in environmental appraisal and land use matters. He has a nationwide appraisal practice with primary focus in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida. He has qualified as an expert witness in state and federal courts and has lectured widely on the subject of wetlands and habitat valuation.

Mr. Kauttu’s perspective on wetlands and habitat valuation rests solidly on the inter-relationship between environmental value and economic value. He has developed direct market evidence of this inter-relationship, proving that the highest and best use of environmentally sensitive lands can be for mitigation and other economic uses. Mr. Kauttu’s focus on environmentally sensitive habitat has led him into a steady practice in the area of Conservation Easement appraisal.

Mr. Kauttu’s appraisals have assisted property owners in preserving forever more than one hundred thousand acres of extraordinary land. His appraisals have been used in mitigation and preservation efforts involving coastal wetlands, wild rivers, wilderness areas, endangered species habitat,archaeological resources and other “priceless” landscapes.

Mr. Kauttu has a B.A. in political science from Gordon College and completed two years of law school at the University of Puget Sound.

Mr. Kauttu lives in St. Augustine, Florida with his three children, Matthew, Zoe and Eleni.