Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I get on the program for the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference?
Submit online when the call for participation opens in July. Submission deadline is October 1, 2018. Click here for more information.

How do I become a supporter or exhibitor?
Contact Carlene Bahler at or 800-726-4853. You are encouraged to visit the support page and learn all about our published support options. We’re very excited to bring new opportunities this year and are happy to work with you on your wants and needs.

What does “Conference Registration” include?
Conference registration provides you access to Wednesday–Friday sessions, lunch and breakfast plenaries, welcome reception, social hour, continental breakfasts and breaks. Federal Government registration includes all optional workshops and field trips. You also get free basic online access to the presenter slides. Or upgrade to premium access which includes audio.

Do you provide any discounts for multiple registrants?
We are not able to provide discounts for multiple registrants as we are working hard to keep registration fees at the same level, while food and other costs continue to increase.

Is the conference regional in focus?
The conference maintains a national and international focus wherever it is held, while allowing the industry to experience a different region and landscape.

Can I just pay to attend an optional workshop without paying for the conference?
Workshops are reserved for registered conference attendees only. If you are unable to attend the conference, you can purchase online access for workshops only. For questions, contact us.

Why are the workshops and field trips optional and not included in the conference registration fee?
They are included with the Federal Government registration fee. Not everyone wants or needs the workshops and field trips and therefore are offered on an optional basis for those who wish to participate.

Do presenters and moderators have to register?
They need to register. Most get either a discounted fee or comp registration.

Do you offer one day rates?
We do not offer one-day rates. If you have a special circumstance that prevents you from attending the entire conference, you are welcome to email us to find out any other options available. The online access that comes with a full conference registration will allow you to access sessions you miss.

If I am unable to get a hotel room at the event’s hotel at the conference rate, what do I do?
Please let us know via email right away so we can do all we can to help you get into the hotel. In many instances, we are successful in helping you secure a room. Contact Us.

How do I find out about Continuing Legal Education (CLE) or Continuing Education (CEU) credits?
If you are interested in CLE or CEU credit, let us know through the online registration process and before the conference (for CLEs, it will ask for the State and your Bar number. We request CLE credit only upon request.) Certificates will be emailed upon completion of the conference to those who have requested them.

Does exhibit booth registration include a conference registration?
Yes, one conference registration and one 25% discounted registration comes with each booth. Additional booth personnel are required to register as an attendee.

I don’t see an Exhibit Floor Plan to select my space.
The conference makes the booth assignments to ensure everyone gets a good spot. Location preference is given to supporters first, and then in order of registration.

Can I bring additional persons to just man the booth and not attend the sessions for no additional cost?
Any additional persons beyond the one conference registration that comes with your booth are required to register whether or not they attend conference sessions.

Can I bring my spouse to the meals or reception?
Your spouse is welcome to attend the reception for an additional fee. The meals are reserved for attendees. To find out current fees or for answers to any questions, contact us.

If I apply for a scholarship by the deadline but get notified that I am denied the scholarship, can I still get the Early Bird rate?
Yes. If we are unable to fund your scholarship request, we will still honor the Early Bird rate should you decide to register, and do so by March 15.

What is the dress code for NMEBC?
Business casual is the norm, but we have attendees who dress in jeans and those who wear a suit and tie. So dress to your liking.

How do I become a member of NEBA or ERBA?
Contact them directly at NEBA: and ERBA: