David Bidelspach

5 Smooth Stone Restoration
Livermore, CO


David Bidelspach has a broad range of experience restoring damaged ecosystems and is a river restoration specialist with national recognition. Mr. Bidelspach’s academic and research background includes five years with the Stream Restoration Program at North Carolina State University where he provided assessment, design and construction oversight services on a large number of restoration projects and taught courses related to river assessment, restoration design and construction administration.  Mr. Bidelspach was graciously mentored at NCSU by Dr. Greg Jennings and at Wildland Hydrology by Dave Rosgen.   Mr. Bidelspach has been blessed to complete more than 100 river restoration/stabilization projects in 29 states, 6 Canadian Provinces/Territories and Costa Rica. Mr. Bidelspach strives to be an innovator that is dedicated to improving the quality of river restoration through natural channel design while lowering the cost of projects.  He has been recognized by some as being an industry leader in developing a 3-D design process which allows designers to rapidly go through numerous iterations to optimize the design. Since Mr. Bidelspach is a designer that has operated equipment and constructed restoration projects, he has built experiences through errors and successes that have refined his ability at producing accurate engineer’s estimates and constructible designs. Mr. Bidelspach has built a reputation through building strong relationships with others that make him better and that he can make better through the application of his talents and gifts.  engineering work in many states and locations.