Call for Participation

Call for Participation at NMEBC 2021 Now Open!

& It’s Easy to Submit!   Submissions due December 1, 2020!
Submission portal will remain open for a limited time to accommodate any late submittals.

NMEBC 2021 is meeting July 19–22 in Raleigh, NC!
The Raleigh Convention Center and connected Marriott City Center offers us plenty of space to meet our growing needs.

NMEBC takes the practical approach to making the link on policy, practice and science across the different approaches to mitigation of wetlands, species and related environmental markets.

Sessions designed to support development of solutions

✓ Discussions on Climate Impacts on Mitigation

✓ 2020 Impacts on Mitigation

✓ Panels on new policies and legislative updates

✓ Sessions linking policy, practice, science and people across the different approaches to mitigation of wetlands and species and related markets and much more ….

A mix of opportunities to participate at NMEBC 2021!

Panel Discussions

Traditional Sessions

Individual Presentations


Facilitated Discussions

Working Group Sessions

Other opportunities in the works include Topic Roundtable Discussions and Networking Social by Region

What happened to Posters?

Posters are now more integrated into the Program! Those looking for “Posters” should submit as either an Individual Presentation or Facilitated Discussion.

Information required for submissions:

  1. Title of Submission
  2. Description (max 300 words)
  3. Name, Title, Organization, City, State, and Email. Short bio(s) recommended but not required.
  4. Select FORMAT:
    • PANEL (developed panel; brief remarks followed by moderated Q&A)
    • SESSION (developed session; two to three presentations with moderator)
    • Individual Presentation (propose this if you don’t have a developed session and would like to be considered for inclusion in a session with others; or be included in an online access format. Also ideal for case studies, projects, research, technology, and academic papers and studies.)
    • Workshop (1 or more facilitators)
    • Facilitated Discussion (ideal for new ideas, highly-debated topics, sharing a study and more)
    • Working Group Session (longer, in-depth working session on specific issue in an effort to develop solutions and find common ground)
    • What happened to Posters? Posters are now more integrated into the Program! Those looking for “Posters” should submit as either an Individual Presentation or Facilitated Discussion
  5. Select TOPIC:
    • Client Examples of Successful Mitigation
    • Climate Impacts (Flooding, Fire, Disaster) on Mitigation
    • Crediting Scenarios
    • Defining the Role of Mitigation Bankers in Pre-Listing Mitigation
    • Diversity and Inclusion in Mitigation and Environmental Restoration Industry
    • Due Diligence for Regulators, Providers, Clients and Landowners
    • Emerging Science & Technology
    • Exploring Long-term Management Scenarios and their Funding Options
    • Finance and Investment
    • Financial Assurances and Endowment Funding
    • Increasing Demand for Mitigation Projects
    • Infrastructure Mitigation Opportunities
    • Legislative and Regulatory Updates
    • Marketing and Sales of Credits and Assets
    • Mitigation on Public Lands
    • Nature-based Cost Benefit Analysis
    • New & Emerging Markets, Trends, Approaches, Practices
    • Performance Standards and Adaptive Management
    • Standards for Professional Practices and Ethics in Compensatory Mitigation
    • State Budgets and Impacts on Mitigation
    • Other – name your own
  6. SUBMIT. You can edit at any time before the deadline of December 1 .

When Will I Be Notified of Acceptance? Submitters will be notified as early as December 15, 2020 and no later than January 20, 2021.

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Questions? contact us at or 800-726-4853 

Submissions due December 1, 2020

NMEBC 2021

July 19–23, 2021
Raleigh, NC

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