Call for Participation

25th Anniversary

Call for Participation at NMEBC 2022 Now Open!

& It’s Easy to Submit!   Submissions due October 1, 2021!

NMEBC 2022 is meeting May 2–5 in Boise, ID!
The Boise Centre West offers us ideal space to meet our growing needs.

NMEBC takes the practical approach to making the link on policy, practice and science across the different approaches to mitigation of wetlands, species and related environmental markets.

A mix of opportunities to participate!

Panel Discussions

Traditional Sessions

Individual Presentations


Facilitated Discussions & Expert-led Roundtables

Working Group Sessions

Academic Presentations

Information required for submissions:

  1. Title of Submission
  2. Description (max 300 words)
  3. Name, Title, Organization, City, State, and Email. Short bio(s) recommended.
  4. Select FORMAT:
    • PANEL (developed panel; brief remarks followed by moderated Q&A)
    • TRADITIONAL SESSION (developed session of ideally three presentations with moderator; typically for lessons learned and case studies)
    • Individual Presentation (propose this if you don’t have a developed session and would like to be considered for inclusion in a session with others.)
    • Workshop (1 or more facilitators teaching at a beginning or advanced level)
    • Facilitated Discussion (ideal for new or emerging ideas, highly-debated topics, and for expert-led roundtables)
    • Working Group Session (longer, in-depth working session on specific issue in an effort to develop solutions and find common ground)
    • Academic or In-Depth Case Study (Ideal for sharing research, studies and other academic pursuits, as well as in-depth case studies. These spots will be self-recorded onto our platform for on-demand access.)
  5. Select TOPIC:
    • Climate Impact and Resiliency Solutions
    • Client Approaches to Mitigation & Trends
    • Credits – Calculating Credits and Debits, Dynamic Credits, Universal Credits, Crediting Scenarios
    • Collaborating with Tribal Nations
    • Contracting for Credits – The Sales Process, Sales & Marketing
    • Banks and ILFs – commonalities and differences, hierarchy, etc.
    • Due Diligence for Regulators, Providers, Clients and Landowners
    • Emerging & New Opportunities (markets, trends, approaches, practices)
    • Emerging & New Science & Technology, Databases & Tracking Tools
    • Entitlements – Challenges & Solutions (mineral rights, cultural, water rights, etc.)
    • Financial Assurances and Endowments
    • Habitat, Species and Conservation Banking
    • Stream and Wetland Banking
    • IRT Interaction – How IRTs interact with each other; deadlines, schedules, etc.
    • Improving the 2008 Mitigation Rule
    • Landowners – Understanding and Finding the Right Option
    • Land Stewardship, Long-Term Management
    • Legislative and Policy Update
    • Multiple & Other Credit Types, such as NRDA, Nutrient, Water Quality Trading, Water Quantity, Carbon and Related Markets
    • Mitigation on Public Lands
    • Mitigation Opportunities in the Forestry Sector
    • Nature-based Cost Benefit Analysis, Natural Capital and Currency
    • NRDA Settlements and Opportunities for Mitigation Bankers
    • Watershed vs Landscape Scale Approach
    • Preservation as Compensation
    • Public / Private Partnerships Successes & Lessons, Re-Use of Lands for Restoration
    • Professional Standards and Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion in Compensatory Mitigation
    • State Agencies and their Role in Mitigation
    • Status and Trends
    • OTHER Topic (name your own)
  6. SUBMIT by October 1.

When Will I Be Notified of Acceptance? Submitters will be notified as early as December 1, 2021 and no later than January 20, 2022.

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Questions? contact us at or 800-726-4853 

Submissions due October 1, 2021

NMEBC 2022

May 2–6, 2022
Boise, Idaho


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