Call for Participation

Call for Participation – Now Open!

It’s Easy to Submit!  Deadline for submissions is October 1.

❖ Wetlands, Streams, Water, Fish, Wildlife, Carbon, Biodiversity
❖ Compliance, Voluntary and Resilience/Program Driven Approaches
❖ Nature-based Solutions, Innovative Technology and Data, Policy, Science

Business/Corporate, Government, Nonprofit, Tribal Nations and Indigenous Peoples, and Academic Institutions are encouraged to Submit Your Interest to Participate.

NMEMC provides the opportunity to share your experience, perspective and/or expertise in protecting, conserving and restoring nature’s assets – whether a regulator, provider of solutions, technological and data innovator, corporate, municipal or government consumer sharing your successes, challenges and needs, a landowner exploring your options or perhaps found the right option, an investor or finance firm, and others.

A mix of opportunities to participate!

Panel Discussions

Traditional Sessions and Presentations

Case Studies and Project Examples (considered for on-demand and in-person)


Informal Facilitated Sessions

Roundtable Discussions

Working Groups

Academic Presentations (considered for on-demand and in-person)

Information required for submissions:

  1. Submission Title – up to 15 words but recommend shorter and to the point.
  2. Description – 50 to 400 words recommended (min of 15 words required). Describe the objective / content of the panel, presentation, workshop or discussion. Note: In a separate area, you will be asked for the name, title and email of the participant(s) and brief bio if you have that info. If all participants are not yet confirmed, you may include those in the description.
  3. Name, Title, Organization, Country, and Email. Short Bio for each participant. (If bios are not available for multiple participants, you may indicate you will be providing that info in the description.)
  4. Select your preferred FORMAT (indicate preferred format; if other formats are to be considered, please indicate in the description):
    • Single Presentation
    • Panel (developed panel; brief remarks followed by moderated Q&A)
    • Traditional Session (developed session of ideally three presentations with moderator; typically for lessons learned and case studies)
    • Case Study /Project Example (a detailed presentation on a completed and/or proven mechanism/approach)
    • Workshop (one or more facilitators teaching at a beginning or advanced level)
    • Informal Facilitated Session or Roundtable Discussion (ideal for new or emerging ideas, highly-debated topics, and for expert-led roundtables)
    • Working Group (longer, in-depth working session on specific issue in an effort to develop solutions and/or find common ground for moving it forward)
    • Academic Presentation (ideal for sharing research, studies and other academic endeavors)
  5. Select PRIMARY NATURAL ASSET CATEGORY – Natural Asset (s) Focus of your Submission.
    • WATER: Wetlands, Streams, Coastal, Shorelines, Water Quality and Quantity
    • BIODIVERSITY: Fish, Wildlife, Species, Biodiversity
    • CARBON: Carbon Markets, Reduction, Sequestration, Etc.
    • MULTIPLE NATURAL ASSETS: Focus is on more than one of the above natural assets.
    • Implementing New Policies and Rules
    • Impacts of WOTUS, SWANCC, SCOTUS, Disclosures, and More
    • New, Emerging and Current Trends, Markets & Opportunities
    • Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, 30×30, etc. and Mitigation and Environmental Markets
    • Improving and Streamlining Permitting, Practice, Process, and Transparency
    • Proven Outcomes: Integrity in Monitoring, Tracking & Transparency
    • Debit/Credit Evaluation Tools in Use Across the US
    • Multiple Benefits, Use and Credits
    • Combined Permitting for Water Quality/Quantity through Ecosystem Restoration Projects; Other Combined Permitting Examples
    • Working with Tribal Nations and Indigenous Communities
    • Federal, State, and Tribal Nation Collaboration
    • Long-Term Management & Funding
    • Innovative Technology and Data Solutions
    • Climate, Resiliency, Natural Disaster and Nature-based Solutions
    • Mitigation for Pollinators, Migratory Birds, Big Game Migration Corridors, and Archeological Resources
    • Best Practices, Successes and Challenges by Sector – Agriculture/Coastal/Forestry/Energy/Wind/Transportation/Urban/ Other
    • Corporate & Municipal Successes and Challenges
    • Best Practices, Successes in Stream and Wetland Mitigation Banking, Outcome-based, Pay for Performance & Other Mechanisms
    • Best Practices, Successes in Water Quality, Quantity/Scarcity, Stormwater Markets, Nutrient Trading
    • Best Practices, Successes in Conservation Banking, Biodiversity and Other Market Mechanisms
    • Best Practices, Successes in Carbon
    • Lessons & Successes in Voluntary Markets
    • Lessons & Successes in Compensatory Mitigation Projects, Banks, In-Lieu Fee Programs
    • Blending Compliance, Voluntary and Resiliency/Program-Driven Approaches
    • Public & Private Landowners – Understanding and Finding the Right Option
    • Due Diligence for Regulators, Solution Providers, Consumers/Clients and Landowners
    • The Business, Process and Implementation of a Mechanism; How do they Compare to Other Mechanisms
    • How to Implement a Market Mechanism (Carbon, Mitigation or Conservation Bank, NRDA Bank, Water Quality Trading, etc.)
    • Performance Standards, Adaptive Management
    • P3s, Public-Private Partnerships
    • Legal Aspects of Land Control, Easements, Entitlements and Rights, Other
    • Financial Assurances for Short and Long-Term
    • Long-Term Management and Stewardship
    • The Science, Data and Research
    • Ethics, Environmental Justice
    • Sales & Marketing
    • How to Account for and Value Natural Assets
    • Finance and Investment Role(s), Trends, Successes and Challenges
    • Other Topic of Interest to You
  7. SUBMIT by October 1.

When Will I Be Notified of Acceptance? Submitters will be notified by December 1, 2023, with either a decision or request for additional information.

All speakers will be expected to participate in-person as we are unable to accommodate remote speakers.  Those selected for on-demand presentations, however, can attend either in-person or virtually.

All speakers will be required to register for NMEMC, with many but not all selected speakers provided an advanced or discounted rate or complimentary pass to NMEMC.

Many but not all selected speakers may be provided an advanced or discounted rate or complimentary pass to NMEMC.

Please consider supporting NMEMC as a Title Supporter, Exhibitor or through Other Marketing Opportunities. Click here for support opportunities

Questions? contact us at or 800-726-4853 

Submissions due October 1, 2023

NMEMC 2024

April 29–May 2, 2024
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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