Invest Connect – A Bank & Idea Tank

Included with Business registration; all others pay the additional fee.
Limited spots available. No guests.
Sign-up in advance is required.

Designed to Connect on Opportunities

• Investors with those Seeking Funding
• Advice and Assistance Seekers with Professionals in the industry
• Landowners, Real Estate Agents with Potential Buyers
• Those with innovative ideas they want to advance with investors and experts.


  1. One to five-minute pitches from those seeking funding, professional assistance and/or partners, those selling land, and those with an innovate idea for a new approach, service or product of relevance to this group. Pitches must be approved by NMEBC in advance.
  2. If time allows, Investors/Capital Providers/Consultants may provide a 30 second to 1-minute intro.

Please know that questions will not be asked following a pitch, but “Pitchers” will have the opportunity to connect with investors and consultants during the private cash bar reception immediately following the last pitch.

Questions? Contact Carlene Bahler @

NMEBC 2022

May 2–6, 2022
Boise, Idaho