Connecting Policy, Practice, Business, Science & People

A Powerful Platform for Improving Resiliency and Sustainability through Productive Collaboration and Increased Investment

Always independent and balanced since 1997, the National Mitigation & Environmental Markets Conference (formerly called the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference) is a powerful, independent, and balanced platform that is the “must attend event” for those involved with the mitigation, restoration and conservation of species, wetlands and streams, water quality and quantity, carbon and related environmental markets.

Increasing collaboration across regulators and resource agencies, mitigation, restoration and offset providers, clients/impactors, and investors to engage and share resources, practices, approaches, technology.

Linking regulatory and voluntary approaches by including all environmental assets/markets such as carbon, wetlands, nutrient trading, streams, fish, wildlife & species, water quality trading and quantity and more.

NMEMC is all about investing in the environment and is the first and only of its kind to bring members of the diverse environmental community together to advance and protect the environment in a financially sustainable way with productive dialogue and engagement between the diverse stakeholders an important focus of this annual event.

Who Attends?

NMEMC draws key decisionmakers and leaders from business (providers, suppliers and impactors, government (regulators and resource agencies at the local, state, and federal levels), tribal communities, nonprofits, universities, landowners and investors.

NMEMC is for those new to the very advanced working or interested in environmental markets — ecosystem services, mitigation banking, compensatory mitigation, outcome-based approaches, carbon sequestration and markets, water quality trading and other approaches in environmental markets.

Common industries and professions in attendance include:

  • Federal, State, Local and Tribal officials, planners and regulators
  • Wetland, stream, conservation and species mitigation bankers and offset providers
  • Carbon offset providers, water quality and quantity providers
  • Investors
  • Consultants, Engineers, Scientists and Suppliers of environmental solutions
  • Attorneys, appraisers, accountants
  • Land trusts and conservancies
  • Energy and Utility companies
  • Academia
  • Real Estate Brokers and Developers
  • Landowners, Farmers and Ranchers
  • NGOs with environmental interest
  • Transportation – highways, railroads, ports, others
  • Technology innovators & more!

Steering Committee

Richard Darden
Federal Highway Administration

Donna Downing
National Association of Wetland Managers

Jonas Epstein
U.S. Forest Service

Ben Guillon
Conservation Investment Management

Michael Hare
Resource Environmental Solutions

Travis Hemmen
Westervelt Ecological Services

Palmer Hough
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

George Howard
Restoration Systems LLC

George Kelly
Earth Recovery Partners

Michelle Mattson
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Deborah Mead
Bureau of Land Management

Jason Miller
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Dave Olson
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

George Platt
The Wetlandsbank™ Company, LLC

Michael Ruth
Federal Highway Administration

Robert Spoth
Ecosystems Insurance Associates, LLC

Susan-Marie Stedman
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

Gray Stevens
Sandy Creek Partners

David Urban
Ecosystem Investment Partners

Corrie Veenstra
Federal Railroad Administration

Shaun Vickers
Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA

Regional Advisory Committee

[to be announced]

Conference Format and Activities

NMEMC successfully facilitates a variety of opportunities for dialogue, learning and engagement.

  • Training, Workshops and Outdoor Classrooms,
  • Forums (Bankers, Regulators, Clients, ILF, expanding to include additional Forums in 2023
  • Main Stage Events, Breakout Sessions, Facilitated Discussions
  • Expert Led Topic Tables
  • Invest Connect
  • Academic Presentations and Case Studies
  • Legislative & Policy Update
  • Policy Roundtable
  • Exhibits are the place for the Welcome Reception, Continental Breakfasts & Breaks
  • Offsite events and other networking opportunities

    More About the Conference

    Founded in 1997 by a diverse steering committee of leaders in regulatory, mitigation banking and NGO environmental community, the National Mitigation & Environmental Markets Conference is hosted by JT&A, Inc. guided by a diverse steering committee and regional advisory committee, maintaining NMEMC’s stellar reputation as an independent and balanced platform for bringing together key stakeholders for productive and civil engagement on policy and practice, successes and failures, to learn about trends, science and emerging markets and to collaborate on and share resources, tools and technology. Learn about JT&A.