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Investing in the Environment is what this conference is about.

Always independent and balanced, the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference (NMEBC) is entering its 26th year and has become well-known as a “must attend event” for those involved in ecosystem banking and related markets, drawing key decisionmakers and leaders from business, government (local, state, federal), nonprofits and universities.

The conference presents current and timely content and dialogue on important issues, offering something for the very advanced and to those new to the industry. “One of the most important networking and collaboration events in the industry.”

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Our conference brings together key stakeholders to explore policy and practice, share successes and failures, and learn about trends, science, and emerging markets.

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“This conference draws the most influential policymakers, bankers and consultants in the industry.”

“As a regulator, I was able to exchange ideas and experiences with other regulators … as well as get to know the bankers better – thank you!”

“I can’t thank you enough — I’m leaving with a business arrangement that never would have happened without this Conference…”

“I really appreciate having chat time with other states and regulatory agencies, it was a wonderful way to hear about their programs, concerns, and issues

“Thank you for providing a conference like this were so many backgrounds can meet together and learn from each other— this is an amazing conference!”