Presenter Info

For those selected to moderate or speak on the program, most are provided a complimentary or discounted conference registration.  Optional workshops and field trips are at an additional cost. Click for Call for Program Participation.


Moderators are responsible for coordinating with your session well in advance of the Conference and agree to update your profile within the requested deadlines.

You may introduce each presenter or you may have them introduce themselves.  Either way, you will be provided their bios in advance.  We recommend you request each of your session participants email you two to three questions that can serve as a warm-up for the Q&A discussion with the audience as needed.


Presenters are responsible for updating your profile info and description within the requested deadlines (see below).  Presentations are to be educational and informational and not delivering a sales or commercial pitch. We recommend you email two to three questions to your moderator you want asked (these questions may serve as a warm-up for the Q&A discussion with the audience). The moderator will begin the moderated discussion with a few questions and then take Q&A from the audience.

Audio and Video

A Power Point Projector, laptop and laser pointer are provided in each session room.  If you need an Apple computer adapter for any reason, please let us know in advance.  No other equipment is provided unless requested in advance. Please advise immediately if you require additional audio visual.

Format and Length

Session Format & Presentation Length

General guidance for most traditional style sessions is for presentations to be 10 to 12 minutes in length, with a maximum of 15 minutes. Many sessions wait for Q&A to follow all presentations with moderated Q&A and discussion. This makes for an informative and interactive session.

Check with your moderator or the Conference to confirm your session format if you have not already been advised.

Important Deadlines

By January 25
All Moderators, Speakers, Panelists, Facilitators should upload or confirm their:

  1. Contact Info & Bio
  2. Photo (optional)
  3. Presentation Description
  4. Register for the Conference

By April 25
If applicable to you, please upload your presentation for inclusion in the online program and the Conference App. An email will be sent in with instructions on how to confirm your information and upload instructions. Should you need any assistance, email us.

At the Conference
All moderators and presenters should check-in at the Conference Registration Desk to ensure you have all you need and/or we have your presentation (and PLEASE bring a backup on a thumb or other drive with you to your session).

Registration Opens mid November/ Early December, please check back soon for more information.